Opelle Identity

In a very competitive landscape, relying on the quality, detail and luxury of your product may not be enough. Opelle, a maker of sumptuous, meticulously crafted handbags approached us for help establishing a strong presence at the higher end of a saturated market. We created a striking look incorporating universal life symbols: the line for earth, the circle for unity and the triangle for women. The shapes are delicate and soft but with their geometric forms hint at strength and confidence. This is a feminine brand with backbone. The wordmark employs a completely modernized traditional serif typeface reflecting a product line influenced by rich cultural traditions made new. Our brand positions Opelle as a meaningful, thoughtful maker with the quality and creativity to compete at the highest levels. – Scope – Strategy, 
Identity, Symbol
, Hangtags (Interior & Exterior), Website
, Business Card, Swatch Book, Thank you cards, Copywriting, Signage, Consultation


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