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How do you draw attention to a public art gallery hidden away in an obscure corner of a mid-sized city’s municipal offices? Why, you roll out the camouflage, what else! This was our witty response to the challenge of rebranding the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM), a civic institution holding a fascinating, but often overlooked, collection of Canadian art. We created a bold identity based on the “razzle-dazzle” pattern used to camouflage ships during WWII. Our rebrand caught the public’s imagination and increased foot traffic substantially. To help promoting their 2015 gallery line-up instead of designing a safe, conventional brochure, we opted to create a vibrant, dynamic poster consistent with the major branding work we had already done for the gallery. Displayed around town and sent out as a direct mail piece, our Brush Up exhibition poster stands out on any wall or shelf, no matter how cluttered. When the Art Gallery of Mississauga launched its “Be a Sport” show during Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am Games, we were asked to produce the catalogue for this exhibition exploring how competitive games are examined and understood. The catalogue’s design features elements pulled from typical sport aesthetics, but used minimally in a subtle way in keeping with an art gallery feel. The AGM brand identity has been featured in various design blogs including Applied Arts Magazine, Design Edge Canada and Communication Arts. It received high honors from Graphis New York.