Online Casino Games 2022 – The White Room Online Casino

Casino games are games of chance and strategy that aim to allow gamblers to have real fun. These games are packed with features that provide players with a great experience. To play at a casino, you have to go to a land-based establishment or register at an online casino.

Types of Casino Games

The gaming options available in a casino can be grouped into several categories. These include slot machines, table games and specialty games which include lottery, sports betting, bingo, scratch, video games, etc. While slot machines are games that come with reels that you have to spin to win, table games are card-based entertainment options that are played at a table.

There is a great variety of online casino games. In this section, we present the most popular ones in Canada.



Considered the most exciting table game, roulette is a 100% random game option that is built around a ball, usually made of Teflon, and a numbered wheel. The game consists of spinning the wheel and throwing the ball on it in the opposite direction of its movement. The players have to predict the number on which the ball will end up. Roulette was first played in the early 17th century and nowadays there are several variations of roulette, including French or European roulette, American roulette, English roulette, German roulette and Mexican roulette.

French or European roulette – More advantageous for players, it is distinguished by its chips with a face value and its wheel with 37 numbers including the number 0. It is also played with several dealers.

American Roulette – This is the original roulette. It uses a wheel with 38 numbers. Its special feature is the presence of double zero boxes in addition to the single zero boxes.

English Roulette – In terms of presentation, this is a replica of European Roulette. Its specific features include a limited number of players, a single dealer and the use of a variety of chip colours.

German Roulette – This is a fusion of French and English roulette. Here, players are free to choose the chips to play with. This means that they may end up with chips of the same denomination.

Slot Machines


Always in first place in casinos, in terms of quantity of offers, slot machines represent a must in casinos, whether they are land-based or virtual. These electronic or mechanical devices are capable of rewarding punters with large winnings. The game consists of putting the reels into action and hoping to obtain winning combinations or, more precisely, to land identical symbols. In addition, certain symbols such as the wild symbols increase your winnings when they appear a certain number of times. But before you play, you need to set your bet and insert coins into the machine if it is a mechanical slot. It is also important to know the payback rate offered by a casino. There are several types of slot machines. These are the classic slot machines, the video slot machines and the progressive jackpot slot machines.



Originally known as ’21’, blackjack is a famous card game that originated in the 18th century. Combining chance and strategy, it involves a total of 7 players. Do you want to play blackjack? Well, you should! Just note that the goal in this game is to beat the dealer by not going over 21. To succeed in this bet, you need to be strategic. Unlike other types of games, blackjack requires a certain amount of skill. It should be noted that the terms “burn” or “bust” are used when a player rolls over 21. To get a blackjack, you need an ace and a log.



Although poker has been around for at least a century, it really came to the forefront in the 2000s through film productions. Like blackjack, poker is far from being a pure game of chance. It’s an exciting game option that you can’t enjoy without qualities such as skill, technique, patience, intelligence and attention. The most popular poker variants include 5-card stud, Texas Hold’Em, 7-card stud, Omaha, closed-end poker and draw.

Video Poker


This is a combination of slot machines and poker. In other words, video poker is an electronic device that allows bettors to live their passion for poker alone. Although here the player has no opponent outside of the device itself, the objective does not change. The player has to form a winning combination before he can win. However, the game is played in two-card deals. The most talented bettors can win a jackpot by playing video poker. To do so, they have to come up with the strongest combination, which is nothing less than the royal flush. Video poker has many variations including Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker and All American.



A card game whose origins are not clearly established, baccarat, like poker, has taken advantage of the cinema to become one of the most popular casino games. In terms of how it works, the game can be played with two boards on which the players are divided, with the banker being the opponent to be beaten: this is the two-board bank. Players can bet on one or the other or both boards at the same time. Another variation of baccarat includes Punto Banco.



Craps is a dice game played around a table. This game requires craps set containing 5 dice, a dice cup, chips and a playing mat. The game consists of a roll of the dice. For the bettor, the objective is to predict the outcome of the roll. Bets are placed on these outcomes.

The Sic Bo


Like craps, sic bo is a dice game. However, it is different in several ways. Firstly, sic bo is played with three dice, unlike craps. Secondly, the game is played in a single roll. Finally, the players, known as ‘bridges’, bet on different combinations.

Other Games

In addition to the above-mentioned games, some casinos such as The White Room online casino offers virtual sports games (football), horse racing, Keno, sports betting, scratch cards, etc. The aim is to offer the bettor the maximum of possibilities for his entertainment.