Branding / Digital / Print Design / Advertising / Art Direction / Copywriting

Peter Schafrick is a still life photographer often found ankle deep in paint or oil or spirits. With a penchant for planned spontaneity, he’s a product specialist who shoots liquids splashed and poured in air. On the digital cinema side, his dazzling splashes and pours are filmed in ultra slow motion. Peter hired TWR requesting a unique, memorable brand identity targeting his niche market—advertising agencies. We knew that something edgy and groundbreaking was in order, since Peter has a reputation for taking risks. Our strategy was to create a custom light box, which took three weeks to produce, with seven interchanging faces allowing for diversity and flexibility in application. This allowed us to switch faces on-set while capturing his various specialties inside the face itself. We art-directed the shoot, while Peter himself shot the P and his retoucher touched it up. The identity echoes the three-dimensional effect of his still life work, which remains his primary genre. The letter P stands for Photography as well as Peter. Just as his work looks, but isn’t, CGI-generated, we want this identity to keep people guessing about its own status—real or unreal?”