Marketing Design / Art Direction / Copywriting

A force both at home and abroad, Sutherland Models is a boutique Canadian agency affiliated with a wide network of premier agencies in major fashion markets worldwide. Hired to design a Sutherland promo for distribution during L'Oreal Fashion Week, The White Room created a package with a vintage, hand-made feel that expressed the classic beauty of the Sutherland look. Sutherland inspires love and nostalgia for a far-off world delicate glamour. For our second promo The White Room collaborated with artist Thrush Holmes Empire to create a direct mailer promoting Sutherland Models FW10 at L'Oreal Fashion Week. In a series of oversized postcards distributed or sent out exclusively to select VIP industry peers, we collaged fashion shots of the agency’s models with Thrush Holmes’s art work, used as features masked behind the type. With its unique font and unusual alignments, the type has a handmade feel. Our cards provided an outstanding showcase for the agency’s best talent.