Terms and Conditions

This page presents the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) of the thewhiteroom.ca website. The purpose of these terms is to provide a legal framework for the provision of the website and its services and to define the conditions of access to and use of the services by “the User”.

Access to the site

The thewhiteroom.ca website is freely accessible to all online casino game enthusiasts. This access is available from any location and provided that you have Internet access. In addition, all users of the site are required to comply strictly with these terms and conditions of use. It is therefore sufficient to respect the established rules to take advantage of the offers of thewhiteroom.ca. 

Thewhiteroom.ca is a website related to gambling, and the related laws are applied, which means that it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that he/she is eligible to access our site or the websites linked to us.

We are affiliated with websites for online casinos, so there are links to third-party websites that offer online gambling services, for which we may be paid. Thewhiteroom.ca strongly recommends that you use the information on our site with caution, remembering that gambling can be risky and can result in losses.

Collection of personal data

Unlike many other websites, thewhiteroom.ca does not collect any data from its users. This means that users of thewhiteroom.ca have nothing to worry about in terms of possible fraudulent manipulation of their sensitive information by the site’s managers. 

Intellectual property

The thewhiteroom.ca site uses a variety of content that belongs to it and is protected by the Intellectual Property Code and more particularly by copyright. This includes texts, images, brands, sounds, logos and signs. 

However, these contents may be personally exploited by any user who so wishes, in the form of publication or reproduction. In this case, the interested party must make a prior request for authorization. The user must also undertake to use the content in a strictly private context, knowing that any use for advertising purposes or in the context of commercial activities is prohibited.


The thewhiteroom.ca platform specializes in the production of online casino reviews. However, its responsibility cannot be called into question for any inconvenience experienced by a user on a gaming establishment previously evaluated by the site. It should also be noted that although you can access other platforms via links posted on its site, thewhiteroom.ca cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience you may experience on these platforms. 


The website may contain hyperlinks. These represent a shortcut to other sites. Users are aware that these links lead to other websites. As the site has no control over the destination of these links, it cannot be held responsible for their content or for the quality of your experience on the sites concerned.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to users of the website, as well as the website itself. We take the privacy of our users seriously. This policy applies to all data collected by us or provided by users in the course of using the website.


Cookies are an essential part of the operation of any website. They are small files that are stored on the user’s computer for a period of time via the user’s browser. They are anonymous and delivered with a unique identifier. There are a variety of cookies, some of which cease to function as soon as the user stops browsing the site, while others continue to function beyond that point. Unlike other sites, some of the cookies used by thewhiteroom.ca do not collect personal data from site users. Their sole purpose is to improve the user experience. Browsing the site implies acceptance of the cookies. Nevertheless, the user has the possibility of deactivating them by simply configuring his browser.